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Starting with Chickens - Coops

Most newbie homesteaders start their farms with a few chickens. Chickens are easy to handle, don't cost a lot of money to buy, and can provide eggs and meat for the family. Here are our picks for videos and information about raising and maintaining chickens. Enjoy!

Our Coop Picks

Least Expensive, but Small Coop

This little coop offered by Alvituvin is fairly inexpensive, but it can only accommodate 3-4 chickens. This would be nice for raising chicks!

More Expensive, but holds 8-10 Chickens

This larger coop is a bit more money, but holds 3x as many chickens. There are 3 laying boxes that are easily accessible. This coop is all about convenience!

Our Favorite, Expandable and Rolling!

Our favorite coop is this fabulous, not even expensive, beauty. We really like that this coop can be moved about easily by simply lifting and rolling. This allows you to move your chicken to different feeding areas. Many farmers will simply roll their coops over one spot when the grass becomes short. That way there will be no bare spots, the grass can regrow and be reused, and the grubs/insects will be gleaned from each area. Another great feature of this coop is its expandability. You can start out small, then add another when you're ready. Just separate to move. We suggest getting two at first in case the style is changed or becomes unavailable later.

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